“I woke up last Monday morning with a stiff neck and as usual, blamed the soreness to my waterskiing mishap this past summer or sleeping on it wrong. I proceeded to take my tennis clinic and within 15 minutes, couldn’t swing the racquet or turn my head to the left. There was pain and I thought to myself-well there goes my Thurs. tennis as well. I left the courts feeling discouraged, then remembered Dr. Bill from BNI. I immediately called his office and his wonderful receptionist had me scheduled within the hour. Dr. Bill showed me around his office and explained all the equipment and its uses. Dr. Bill examined my neck and asked if I had experienced any lower back pain in the past. “Yeah – it comes and goes,” I said – thinking it was the way I moved or twisted, sat or stood too long in one position etc., etc. Dr. Bill discovered I had a slight curve in my lower back and that I was out of alignment.

Dr. Bill adjusted not only my very stiff neck but also my back, and I am here to testify that I didn’t realize how much my back ached – until it didn’t!!!!

Thank you Dr. Bill for not only fixing the “Pain in my neck” but you really “Have our Backs” as well. I feel so limber and pain fee that I know my tennis opponents will be amazed at my agility this year!!”

– Amy M.

“I would like to thank you for seeing my 4-year old daughter on such short notice this month when she woke up with an ear infection. I appreciate the time you took with me on the phone prior to her pediatrician’s appointment and the subsequent care you took with her when doing her adjustment, knowing she had been a little scared when she had her first adjustment months ago.

The reason I am writing this thank you, is not only for the time and assistance you provided to us but because in speaking with you and doing my own research on the matter, I was able to avoid giving my daughter antibiotics, which is something I feel very strongly against doing unless it is absolutely critical to her well being.

When I went back for her follow up appointment yesterday and informed the doctor that I had NOT given her the antibiotic, he was very surprised and amazed since he had just commented on how bad her infection had been. The antibiotic was a very strong one and what my research showed was given for severe cases of the middle ear infection that she had. He was doubtful that the infection had cleared up but when he verified that it had, I happily told him that I took her to the chiropractor. He made a note in her file and attributed it to her strong immune system.”

– Lisa S.

“Dr. Foland is my hero! After a year of being in constant pain that my chiropractor couldn’t fix, I decided to try Dr. Foland. I walked out of Dr. Foland’s offices after my first visit PAIN FREE. No more lower back pressure. Now I can take my daily walks again. Dr. Foland, You are Amazing!”

– LuAnn A.

“Dr. Foland- a great way to get your kids physicals for sports or schools. I was dreading getting my son his physical and then that day Dr. Foland shared with us that he did school physicals. I took my son, Luke, to Dr. Foland that afternoon and it was soooo easy, my son and I both actually enjoyed it. I no longer have to dread getting our children their physicals taking up a whole afternoon sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of sick people. Thanks, Dr. Foland.”

– Dick T.